Sept 2017: Longleat Road update

Update September 2017

There was insufficient planting depth at the first planting leading to some of the ilex plants not surviving the winter.  New plants have been introduced and the earth built up. A layer of black plastic sheeting was introduced to provide weed control, topped off with birch bark to make for a more permanent and pleasant finish.  An irrigation hose was also embedded under the sheeting to help the young plants thrive.

The club thanks John Morgan for his tireless work on the new earthworks, and Dave Allman for completing the irrigation system.

Update July 2016

Volunteers Dave Allman and Dennis Stacey have completed the planting of the Ilex Crenata and will continue watering the baby plants in the coming months to make sure they get a good start in life.

Update June 2016

Following research by House Manager Dave Allman, the Board approved the purchase of 150 40-60cm potted Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) plants at a cost of £1333.33.  The Board also approved the cost of a skip (£140.00), and labour (£1025) to dig out the remaining roots and make the soil good in preparation for planting.

The Board gratefully acknowledges an anonymous donation of £1000 towards these costs.

Update February 2016

Students from Capel Manor Agricultural College have completed five week’s work on removing the unkempt boundary hedge along Longleat Road.

Supervising Lecturer Sarah Seery says the students have benefitted immensely from their real-world work experience and also enjoyed being treated with friendship and courtesy by the many club members they have met.

Particular thanks go to Gwen Cox and Yvonne Humm for organising their tea breaks. The students will return to work on the planting project next year.

After consultations with Capel Manor the original planting plan was to cover the ground with shrubs to allow the soil to recover, with a view to re-introducing hedging in 2018. The cost of buying root-ball Taxus Baccata (Yew to you and me) for the re-hedging project was estimated at around £4000, so some serious fundraising looked likely to be needed to complete the project.

In the meantime, the club work party and volunteers have one task remaining, says Sarah : Pull out ivy roots which are just underneath the soil (we have taken out a great deal but there is more left!)